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Most popular 100 American Phrases are …

  1. What’s up?” – How are you doing? / What’s new?
    E.g. “Hey there, I haven’t seen you in a while, what’s up?”
  2. Shut up” – Be quiet / Wow, really? (expression of surprise to friends)
    E.g. “Shut up! That really happened?”
  3. Whatever” – I don’t care
    E.g. “I’m going to fail this exam either way, so whatever, let’s just not study.”
  4. Spill the beans” – Reveal a secret
    E.g. “Ok, I’ll tell you what happened at the party but you better not spill the beans.”
  5. Rip-off” – Deception in sales – something that costs too much and is of low quality
    E.g. “This new TV that I got was such a rip-off! I paid 700 dollars and it broke within a month.”
  6. Piece of cake” – Very easy
    E.g. “I read the courses for this semester. Looks like it’s going to be a piece of cake.”
  7. I get it” – I understand
    E.g. “After speaking with Alice, I get why she chose to fly back to France.”
  8. Cheesy” – Too much, lame (often about jokes)
    E.g. “My dad was trying to be funny but he ended up sounding super cheesy.”
  9. To cost an arm and a leg” – To be very expensive
    E.g. “I’m only going to wear my new handbag on special occasions. After all, it cost an arm and a leg!”
  10. Ride shotgun” – Ride in the front of the car in the passenger’s seat
    E.g. “You got to ride shotgun for four whole hours, now it’s my turn.”
  11. What’s the catch?” – Used when something seems too good to be true and there must be something hidden
    E.g. “Wow, you’ve been doing my laundry and chores all day, what’s the catch?”
  12. Pull it off” – To succeed
    E.g. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think you’d fix the car all by yourself, so I’m proud that you’ve pulled it off.”
  13. To go haywire” – To become crazy (about a person), to become out of control (about an object or situation)
    E.g. “The company was very successful until the crisis, but then everything went haywire.”
  14. Break a leg” – Good luck
    E.g. “It’s the opening night of your new play, break a leg!”
  15. You bet” – Of course
    E.g. “Will you pick me up after school?” “You bet.”
  16. Hit the books” – To study
    E.g. “I have three exams next week, it’s time to hit the books!”
  17. Under the weather” – To feel slightly unwell
    E.g. “Unfortunately, Jessica won’t be able to make it to my birthday party tonight because she’s a bit under the weather.”
  18. It’s not rocket science” – It’s not that complicated
    E.g. “Oh come on, of course you’ll pass your driving exam, it’s not rocket science.”
  19. Hit the road” – To leave (by car)
    E.g. “Wow, it’s already 10! Sorry, but I have to wake up very early tomorrow, so it’s time for me to hit the road.”
  20. Have a good one” – Have a nice day
    E.g. “It was nice to have a chat with you, have a good one!”
  21. Catch on” – To understand something
    E.g. “It was difficult at first but now I’ve caught on to the work culture at my new job.”
  22. Call it a day” – Stop doing something
    E.g. “We’ve been working for 8 hours already, how about we call it a day?”
  23. Hit me up” – Contact me
    E.g. “Whenever you’re in Denver, hit me up, I’ll show you around.”
  24. Hold your horses” – Stop / wait / be patient
    E.g. “Hold your horses, I still need to pack my things before we leave.”
  25. What’s your poison?” – What alcoholic drink would you like?
    E.g. “Thanks for coming to my party! Let me get you something to drink. What’s your poison?”
  26. RSVP” – A request in an invitation to indicate attendance at a future event
    E.g. “We would love it if you could attend our wedding! Please RSVP by April 10th.”
  27. In my book” – In my opinion
    E.g. “In my book, you’re being completely undervalued at work.”
  28. Something came up” – Something happened
    E.g. “I’m so sorry, something came up and I can’t meet today.”
  29. See ya” – Goodbye
    E.g. “All right, thanks, see ya tomorrow!”
  30. For real” – Really / seriously
    E.g. “Jim was fired from work today.” “What? For real?”
  31. Go Dutch” – To pay for yourself (usually when paying at a restaurant)
    E.g. “I don’t want you to pay for my dinner. Let’s just do Dutch.”
  32. Knock it off” – Stop it (about something annoying)
    E.g. “Could you please knock it off? You’ve been singing the whole car ride.”
  33. Hang out” – To spend time together not doing anything in particular
    E.g. “Hey, do you want to hang out after school?”
  34. Pop up” – To appear suddenly
    E.g. “I was driving and this deer popped up out of nowhere.”
  35. My bad” – My mistake
    E.g. “I must have forgotten the grocery list at home. My bad!”
  36. Think outside the box” – To think originally
    E.g. “For this new project, we need you to think outside the box.”
  37. Been there, done that” – I understand because I’ve been through this myself
    E.g. “You’re thinking of asking the lecturer for extra credit? Don’t bother. Been there, done that.”
  38. Below the belt” – Unfair, unethical
    E.g. “Sarah got a raise and I didn’t, even though we’ve both been producing excellent results. That’s below the belt.”
  39. Lighten up” – Relax
    E.g. “We don’t have any exams for another month. Lighten up, have some fun.”
  40. It’s all downhill from here” – The hardest part is over, now it will be much easier
    E.g. “The crisis has finally reached its peak. It’s all downhill from here.”
  41. Hang tight” – Wait, be patient
    E.g. “We should get the exam results soon, so just hang tight.”
  42. Hands down” – Definitely, without a doubt
    E.g. “Yesterday’s match was hands down the most intense I’ve ever seen.”
  43. Reach out” – To contact (usually when help is needed or when help is offered)
    E.g. “Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any problems.”
  44. Crash” – Sleep, sleep over / Come to a party uninvited
    E.g 1 “It was way too late to go home, so I just crashed on Justin’s sofa.”
    E.g 2 “I can’t believe that Emily just crashed my party. I didn’t invite her because I obviously didn’t want her here.”
  45. All ears” – To listen attentively
    E.g “Tell me about your date yesterday! I’m all ears.”
  46. Screw up” – To make a big mistake
    E.g “I know that I completely screwed up but I hope you’ll be able to forgive me.”
  47. Join forces” – To unite
    E.g – “It looks like we’re both struggling with solving this math problem. Why don’t we join forces and try to solve it together?”
  48. Get under someone’s skin” – To annoy someone
    E.g – “Tim keeps texting me. He’s seriously starting to get under my skin.”
  49. FYI” (For your information) – Just so you’d know
    E.g. “I don’t need your help. I have lots of experience in fixing cars, FYI.”
  50. For sure” – Definitely
    E.g. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?” “For sure.”
  51. Once in a blue moon” – Very rarely
    E.g. “I go out for cocktails only once in a blue moon. I enjoy staying at home much more.”
  52. Quality time” – Time spent together to strengthen the relationship between people
    E.g. “We barely ever spend any quality time together. Why don’t we go see a basketball game next week?”
  53. No hard feelings” – Indicates that there won’t be any anger between people
    E.g. “I know you’re one of the judges, so please rate me fairly and I promise there won’t be any hard feelings.”
  54. Zone out” – Lose concentration / fall asleep
    E.g. “Can I see your notes? I completely zoned out during the lecture and can’t remember a thing.”
  55. Beats me” – I don’t know, I don’t understand
    E.g. “Beats me how we managed to get such a high grade.”
  56. I hear you” – I understand you (often when a person disagrees with the other person’s opinion)
    E.g. “I hear you but I just don’t think now is the time to adopt another puppy.”
  57. Jump into it” – To suddenly begin something
    E.g. “We don’t have much time, so why don’t we just jump into the lecture?”
  58. Going through a rough patch” – Hard times
    E.g. “I know you’ve been going through a rough patch lately, so if you ever need to talk, I’m here.”
  59. I’m down” – Works for me (about doing something)
    E.g. “How about we go to the movies tonight?” “Sure, I’m down.”
  60. Not half bad” – Not as bad as one thought
    E.g. “I know I didn’t want to come but it turns out that this movie isn’t half bad.”
  61. Shoot the breeze” – To chat
    E.g. “Sofia and I were shooting the breeze for hours at the party.”
  62. Get your ducks in a row” – Prepare for a future event
    E.g. “I have an important meeting tomorrow, so I really have to get my ducks in a row.”
  63. To sound like a broken record” – Repeat something over and over again
    E.g. “My dad sounds like a broken record. He keeps telling me not to speed, even though I never do.”
  64. To have the upper hand” – To have an advantage
    E.g. “The opposing team may have prepared well for the game but we certainly have the upper hand.”
  65. Hyped” – Very excited
    E.g. “Are you ready for prom?” “Oh yes, I’m super hyped.”
  66. Kudos” – Respect for an achievement
    E.g. “Kudos to all of my colleagues who brought such success to the company.”
  67. Letting the cat out of the bag” – To reveal facts that were previously hidden
    E.g. “If Mike hadn’t let the cat out of the bag, I wouldn’t have known how poorly the company was doing financially.”
  68. Stuck up” – Conceited
    E.g. “He’s so stuck up. He thinks he’s better than us just because he goes to private school.”
  69. Rings a bell” – Seems to remind one of something
    E.g. “This name rings a bell but I have no idea how he looks.”
  70. Speak of the devil” – Something you say when you talk about someone and unexpectedly see them
    E.g. “I heard that Jane got a promotion today. Well speak of the devil, there she is!”
  71. ASAP” (as soon as possible) – As quickly as possible
    E.g. “Please reply to this email ASAP.”
  72. Uptight” – Nervous
    E.g. “Jim has his last exam tomorrow, so he’s pretty uptight.”
  73. Dig in!” – To suddenly eat a lot of food / invitation to begin eating
    E.g. “I made your favorite spaghetti for dinner tonight, dig in!”
  74. Easy peasy” – Very easy
    E.g. “I shouldn’t have been so nervous. The exam was easy peasy.”
  75. Take a rain check” – To postpone
    E.g. “I’m so sorry but I can’t make it for dinner tonight. Can we take a rain check?”
  76. Be that as it may” – Either way
    E.g. “Be that as it may but I strongly believe that we need more funding.”
  77. Throw someone under the bus” – To betray someone
    E.g. “She completely threw James under the bus just to get a promotion at work.”
  78. To play hardball” – To achieve something no matter the price
    E.g. “If he sets his mind to something, he can really play hardball.”
  79. Back to the drawing board” – Used when one fails at something and must start again
    E.g. “I completely ruined the cake, so I guess I’m back to the drawing board.”
  80. Cold feet” – Doubts
    E.g. “She was fine up until the wedding but then she suddenly got cold feet.”
  81. Butt out” – Don’t bother me anymore
    E.g. “I’m trying to study, can you just butt out?”
  82. Upfront” – Honestly
    E.g. “Please tell me how you feel upfront.”
  83. Bummer” – Too bad / a shame
    E.g. “I was so excited about the concert tomorrow! What a bummer that I’m too sick to go.”
  84. Behind the eight ball” – An inconvenient situation
    E.g. “After he failed another exam, he was really behind the eight ball.”
  85. Over my dead body!” – Used to express complete disagreement
    E.g. “Over my dead body will you ever drive my car.”
  86. Drive up the wall” – To strongly annoy someone
    E.g. “I don’t know how long I’ll manage to stay at my new job. My boss is driving me up the wall!”
  87. I’ll bite” – (Playfully) Okay, let’s talk about this
    E.g. “You’ll never believe who I just saw kissing on the street!” “Ok, I’ll bite, who was it?”
  88. Cut to the chase” – To not waste any time and say what one was going to say
    E.g. “Let’s just cut to the chase. Why did you invite me for coffee today?”
  89. Just about” – Almost
    E.g. “How long am I going to have to wait for you?” “Not long, I’m just about ready.”
  90. You can say that again” – I completely agree with you
    E.g. “I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate our new boss.” “You can say that again.”
  91. The bomb” – Very cool, good
    E.g. “I went to the new restaurant yesterday and I have to say, it was the bomb!”
  92. No can do” – I can’t
    E.g. “Can you walk the dog today?” “No can do. I have an important call in half an hour.”
  93. Fed up” – Tired and annoyed by something
    E.g. “I’m so fed up with your behavior lately.”
  94. Fill in the blanks” – To figure something out based on other facts
    E.g. “Based on Jessica’s behavior, I filled in the blanks and I’m now sure she’s cheating on me.”
  95. Cold turkey” – To suddenly stop taking narcotics to which one is addicted
    E.g. “Things were out of control so I decided to go cold turkey.”
  96. To put all eggs in one basket” – To devote all time and resources to one goal / to place everything in one place (expresses risk)
    E.g. “I kept all of my money in that one bank. Looking back, I know I shouldn’t have put all of my eggs in one basket.”
  97. Blow off steam” – Relax / get rid of stress / pour out energy
    E.g. “After the intense week I had at work, I think it’s time to blow off some steam.”
  98. No problem” – You’re welcome
    E.g. “Thanks for the lift.” “No problem.”
  99. All along” – This whole time
    E.g. “I can’t believe that you’ve felt this way all along.”
  100. Have a blast” – To have a very fun time
    E.g. “So how was your weekend at the park?” “It was amazing, we had a blast.”
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