THE BEST English Tips - How to learn English online

Published date - 09/01/2019

There are many websites offering tips on how to learn English language, but this place is different. First of all, it has over 50 best FREE tips. Moreover, all of them are very comprehensive with links and details, not just “Surround yourself with English activities”. Please spend some time to read these tips and you will agree that all of them are full of common-sense and should help you to master the language.

In this website you will find lots of FREE TIPS on how to study English online and at home – only the best tips to learn English language faster. I have not seen anything close to the level of this work. Examples of advice that you will find here : how to download free English audio books, how to hire native English-speaking teachers remotely, how to look up texts of songs, how to study English language remotely at universities, how to find mobile apps to learn English by using your smartphone, many more !

Table of contents :


DICTIONARY / VOCABULARY – How can I learn English words ?

  1. In my opinion, the fastest way to learn English words is by memorizing only the most popular words. This memorizing technique does not work for everyone, but it helped me immensely. You can find the lists of the most popular English words by entering „Most common English words“ in Google. The best list is “FREE 5000 word list“.
  2. Once your English improves, I highly recommend to start using a free Oxford English dictionary at or buy a hard copy of it (POCKET OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY – the vast majority of tricky English words used in literary books can be found here). It will help you to better understand some of the more complex words. You can access other free English dictionaries by typing „Definition word“ in Google.
  3. More tips on how to improve your vocabulary can be found at 

    PRONUNCIATION – How to pronounce English words ?

  4.  You can find out how a word is pronounced by using the internet – the most reliable website for this was created by the Cambridge University and can be found at Dictionary Cambridge (or you may type in „Pronounce English“ in Google and then click on „Audio Pronunciation in English – Cambridge“. When you use this website please click on „UK“ for British pronunciation and „US“ – for an American accent. NOTE : if you visit the Cambridge University website by using a smartphone you may need to click on the “magnifying glass” in the top right corner in order to see the search field.

    English speaking – BASICS – How to speak English ?

  5. Even if you live outside English speaking countries you may still practise your English speaking skills e.g., you can hire an online native English-speaking tutor to talk to over Skype – the best list can be found at Online English tutors list PS if the name of the tutor is not English, you may ask the teacher if English is his or her native language (e.g. Is English your native language ?). For such communication with an English teacher, English basics are necessary – if you don‘t have those you will find advice here on what activities you can undertake in order to reach a level which would be enough to communicate with English teachers.
  6. If you want to communicate in English for free you can find friends on Facebook and other social networks.
  7. If you travel abroad – go to countries where English is a native language – e.g. Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Unites States, Gibraltar, New Zealand. Maybe you will suceed in finding friends there and then you can keep in touch via phone or the internet.
  8. If you know at least the most basic words in English it‘s worth typing in „English basics“ on Youtube, for example “Learn English in 30 Minutes – ALL the English Basics You Need” – this course will help you to learn the basics of English and to improve your English speaking skills too.
  9. The internet is abundant in FREE online English courses which can be found by typing in „Free online English courses“ in Google. If that‘s too difficult I recommend applying for English courses in your own native language.
  10. Hire a teacher who speaks your native language – such help can be very useful.
  11. You can find great English language lessons on Youtube – just type in „English lesson“, if you are a beginner type in „Basic English Lesson“, if you know the basics type in „Intermediate English lesson“, if your level is advanced – „Advanced English lesson“.


    LISTENING – English conversations – Learn English by listening

    English language learning does not have to be tiring and exhausting – listening is one of the best ways to learn or improve your English !

  12. You can find some great listening archive websites which not only allow you to listen to various conversations, but they also let you to select listening material based on your level. Moreover, you can see the transcripts (texts) of the conversations being played. Examples of such websites are (when you open these websites and wish to see the text of the conversation please look for links “transcript” or “quiz”) :British CouncilElloESL LoungeTalk EnglishNewsyESL FastESL LabCambridge EnglishVOA NewsHow do you choose which website to use ? Well, it depends on what you need. For example, if you want to improve your British accent, it‘s best to visit this website :British CouncilIf you want to improve your American accent, my favourite websites are :ElloESL Lab
  13. Basic English conversations are also available on Youtube, just type at Youtube „Basic English conversation for beginners with subtitles“ – you will also see subtitles so you can translate unknown words.
  14. In addition, I recommend listening to children‘s audio books, just type in „Children‘s audio books“ in Google e.g. – Storynory
  15. There is an excellent collection of real English conversations called Zapp English – you can purchase it for 39 euros (a total of 60 hours of conversations) from zappenglish. A short descriptive extract from their website : “Learn English online with our Zapp! English Audio Course, the first English listening MP3 lessons to be based 100% on real English conversations featuring a wide variety of international & regional English accents (American & British). Download Zapp! English Podcasts (MP3s) and learn to understand real, spoken English conversations & movies, learn new colloquial English expressions and vocabulary, and build your confidence on your route to fluency and REAL ENGLISH comprehension!”. All our Real English packs are delivered instantly as digital downloads, and the majority of packs include a 100%, “After 1 YEAR” money-back guarantee. All our packs contain real English conversations, audio/MP3 classes, PLUS eBooks (with full transcriptions of the audio) in Adobe acrobat PDF format. Click on the “More information” links to read more about each pack.“. In my opinion – if you have some spare money to spend on education – this product is worth the investment.
  16. My favourite listening material is IELTS and TOEFL listening links at Youtube – just type in „IELTS listening“ or „TOEFL listening“ at Youtube – IELTS and TOEFL are the world‘s two most popular English exams (IELTS is British and TOEFL is American) and by listening to these recordings you will not only improve your English, but will also prepare for these exams – they are often required by universities, employers or immigration agencies. I find these recordings very interesting too !
  17. You can download lots of free audio books which can be also very interesting. Just type in „Free audio mp3 books“ in Google. I recommend you these archives of free audio books :Youtube Greatest Audio BooksLibrivoxLoyal booksAnother great archive is called Audible, but it‘s not free – favourite audio books are :Audible – Talent is Overrated (unfortunately, this audio book is not free and is very expensive)Anne of Green GablesAllen Carr‘s Easy Way To Quit Smoking (the best book if you are considering quitting smoking – a must have !)Adventures of Sherlock HolmesA House ReunitedJane Eyre
  18. Furthermore, there is a great conversation website (similar to Youtube) which can be found at
  19. Listening to music is a great way to improve English ESPECIALLY IF YOU READ THE LYRICS. In this section I will provide a list of the most popular songs of the last 20 years – you may type in these song titles at Youtube and please add „LYRICS“ at the end of the title – then you will not only be able to listen to the songs, but you will also be able to read the texts of the songs.Kesha – Die YoungAqua – Good Morning SunshineTaylor Swift – Blank SpaceGarbage – I Think I’m ParanoidPink – Just Like A PillLana Del Rey – Off To The RacesRihanna – Rude BoyNicki Minaj – StarshipsScooter – I’m RavingRoxette – How Do You DoDr Dre – StillDr Dre – Next EpisodeLana Del Rey – National AnthemFergie – GlamorousPharoahe Monch – Simon SaysFat Joe Ashanti – What‘s LuvGwen Stefani – What You Waiting For ?Kate Perry – E.T.Lady Gaga – JudasLady Gaga – ApplauseShakira – Waka WakaEnrique Iglesias – Can You Hear MeAll Saints – Pure ShoresRihanna – UmbrellaPras Mya – Ghetto SuperstarJam & Spoon – Kaleidoscope SkiesElla Henderson – GhostDead Prez – Hip HopMartijn Ten Velden – I Wish You WouldLivin‘ Joy – DreamerDon‘t judge your English language based on your understanding of the songs, because there are VERY many VERY difficult songs – there is also rhyming, music noise, singers often sing very fast, etc. You should worry about your English only if you have trouble reading the lyrics of the songs.
  20. Listen to radio online – my favourite station is BBC 4 – because it broadcasts conversations NOT music (a great way to improve your English). You may listen to it by clicking „Listen Live“ on their website.
  21. You can listen to various podcasts. More information is available at Fluentu.

    MOVIES AND VIDEO – Learn English with movies

  22. You can watch movies and TV programmes online, just type in „Movies online“ in Google (usually there is a small monthly fee for these services).
  23. You can buy DVD movies with subtitles on Amazon (online movies often don‘t have subtitles). Just type in „Movie title“ in or – at least 90% of the movies there have subtitles. NOTE: is the American version and is the British version of the Amazon shop. Please make sure you buy movies based on your region – for example if you live in Europe don‘t buy from the American shop. Likewise, if you live in America don‘t buy from the British shop – your DVD player may not be able to support the movie if you mix the regions. There may also be duty taxes if your purchase is international. The most popular movies of all times are :Harry PotterFamily GuyPrison BreakTraining DayCatch me if you canBeautiful MindDeja VuAmerican GangsterDa Vinci CodeAvatarGood FellasLayer CakeShawshank redemptionMatrixInside ManBoratDictatorWho Is AmericaLord Of The RingsHobbitDesperate HousewivesFriendsYou can find other lists of the most popular movies by typing in „Most popular movies“ at Google.
  24.  Watch English TV e.g. BBC for British pronunciation and CNN for the American accent.
  25. It‘s worth having a look at services – for a small fee you can study English from video recordings. Here is a descriptive extract from their website “We’ve searched far and wide for real world video content that’s entertaining, timely, and ideal for language learners. Movie trailers? Music videos? News? Inspiring talks? No matter what your interest or skill level, we have you covered. All captions are subtitled and translated. Click on any word to see an in-context definition, along with example sentences.” I think their product is really worth the money – it can cost as little as 20 dollars per month plus there is 14 days free trial so you can test their services without the risk of wasting your money.

    READING – How to improve your reading skills ?

  26. If you are a beginner, start by looking for books for children e.g. type in „Children‘s books“ in Google or „Children‘s books“ at (or if you are from the UK).
  27. It‘s interesting to read English newspapers and news websites – e.g. IndependentGuardianMetro, the most popular news websites are BBC (British) and CNN (American).
  28. Try to buy English books (even if you live in a non-English speaking country you may find places where you can buy English books); the biggest choice of English books can be found at (US) and (UK). I have read very many English books and I noticed that it is difficult to find a truly interesting book – but even if you buy a book that is not interesting you should still read it, because you can find many new words, idioms and alike. I highly recommend reading health books.

    WRITING – How to improve your writing skills ?

  29. Cambridge University has created a website which checks the quality and the level of your writing. You can visit this website at Writeandimprove.
  30. A great tool to assist you in your writing is Grammarly.GRAMMAR – How to learn English grammar ?
  31. If you are interested in grammar, two good places to start are BBC or the English grammar on Linguapress.
  32. Once you are familiar with basics, I highly recommend to buy a buy a book „English grammar for dummies“ from or
  33. If reading grammar is too boring you may type in “English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar” on Youtube. 


  34. If you want to look up the text of any English song, just type in „LYRICS song title“ at Google.
  35. You can slow down the recordings that are played on Youtube – just click on a „circle“ button that appears below the recording on the right side, then choose „speed“ and select speed number less than 1 – choose the desired speed and then you will find it more easy to understand the recording.
  36. You can see the meaning of some words – literally – just type in a word in Google and then click „images“ – Google will show you the most appropriate pictures to depict this word.
  37. Memorize words in groups – categorize them – thus it will be easier to remember them.
  38. When you are trying to memorize a word in your native language – cover the answer with a card or similar thing and uncover it only after you have tried to guess the answer.
  39. In order to memorize words more easily you may buy special blank cards – on one side you can write an English word and on the other the translation of this word into your native language. Keep turning over these cards until you memorize them.
  40. Stick labels on household things in your home to memorize their names.
  41. Vary your English learning activities, because if you choose just one – it may get boring after a while.


  42. You can try various English tests which show your mistakes at the end of it – you can find these tests by typing in „English tests“ at Google, my favourite test website is
  43. Before you start memorizing words, you may type in „How to improve memory“ at Google or – you may find some great advice there.
  44. The internet is full of various English learning games, quizes, etc. Just type in „English learning games“ or „English quiz“ at Google.
  45.  If you get lazy at some point during your studies, a great way to boost your motivation is to listen or read the book Talent is Overrated.
  46.  Based on all the activities and tips that you find in this e-book please create a learning programme and schedule (plus include any other activities that you may know by yourself) – you don‘t have to study all day, even if you devote a small amount of time for every day you will see the results after a few months.
  47. When you become an advanced English speaker you may buy some great books on Amazon e.g. type in „grammar“, „idioms“, „IELTS“, „TOEFL“ in or Moreover, you may type in „Intermediate English lesson“ or „Advanced English lesson“ at Youtube.. Listen to vocabulary-rich audio books e.g. “Jane Eyre“.
  48. Be very careful with magical offers that advertise facts like „Learn English in 10 days“. In my opinion – you can study English throughout your life, not just for 10 or 30 days !
  49. When you become an advanced English speaker you may study English language at a British or American university remotely. For example you may study remotely at the Open University (UK) – if you study part-time, one year will cost you just £3012 per year – studies will last 6 years (bachelor degree). More information is available at Open University website.PS There are some modules that are free at the Open University – you will receive a certificate that you have studied them. More information is available at Open University website (click on „Languages“).
  50. Although this tip is at the end of the list, but it could be one of the best – apps in your smart phone can help you to learn English too. If you type in „Learn English“ in Google Play you will find a wide range of choice of apps which help you to learn English. How do you choose which app to use ? I recommend to choose the most popular or the most well-known and respected developers e.g. from British Council, Cambridge University, etc. You can find more info at British Council website.
  51. If you want to find out the level of your English just type in „English level test‘ at Google.
  52. And the last advice is – treasure your eyes – if you are studying English by using a computer you may want to consider getting glasses with a blue light filter or perhaps even sunglasses so that your eyes don‘t get tired – take regular breaks – try to spend as little time as possible at staring at the screen as possible – for example you may print learning materials. Health is the biggest treasure that we have.Good luck !As you can see, English language learning can be fun. 


    If I helped you with your English learning techniques I would highly appreciate if you could help me as well – I really need your support. I worked really hard on this article. You could help me by adding links to this site at your website or social networking sites e.g. Facebook.